A Few More Words About Zeerijp (Friday June 10, My Birthday!)

I was extremely tired from the plane flight and wound up getting lost on my way up to Groningen and Zeerijp.

I did meet a real nice couple on the plane from Haalisleevgen the southern part of the Netherlands. The lady’s name was Christine Westerdop. We had a wonderful visit.

Also,  my first night in the town of Groningen was very nice…had a nutritional dinner salad with smoked salmon.

Then a wonderful sleep at the Hotel Bastion in Groningen near the town of Zeerijp…I was so very tired by the time I arrived there…but I did make it to my family’s ancestral home. (My family name is Zeeryp, named after the town in Holland.)The village of Zeerijp

I was thinking it was 40 kilometers from Amsterdam. Instead it felt like 400 kilometers (probably because I was still so jet-lagged from the long flight from San Francisco). The scenery was so beautiful…there are no fences in the countryside.

The cattle graze freely and the air smells so sweet; maybe that was the North Sea…at some point many, many years ago this was under water.The beautiful countryside outside Zeerijp

I feel like I live in the wrong place…on earth.

Additionally, the small towns we so clean and so well kept. Red brick everywhere. The flowers and the gardens are all so beautiful…Fields of Lisle and Hillegon


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