Back In Haarlem (After Amsterdam) Saturday June 11

I wanted to say a few more things about my visit to Haarlem.Haarlem Map From Sat June 11 2016

I met a very nice Dutch family who befriended me.Dutch Family

They were coming back from a music concert on the dunes…I was resting on the steps to a draw bridge totally lost and confused to where I was and this beautiful young happy couple showed up. I wonder if I looked out of place tired and very thirsty.

We struck up some conversation (not sure what started it) and the next thing I knew they invited me to stay at their home in their quest room.

How could I refuse after trying to find a place with no luck…being Saturday night and all. Also. I had just walked ten miles in a big circle. What the heck!

After walking over the bridge back to their home about another mile I got to meet their parents who turned out to be big Boston baseball fans.  They were spending time with their grandchildren and letting the parents have a play date. It seems last year they were in California visiting our lovely state and our National Parks…Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and into southern Utah: Zion National Park where we spent Christmas with the kids last year.

This dear family took such good care of me I will forever be grateful…A special place in my heart. I had breakfast with their son Chris the next morning.Breakfast with my new Dutch Family's Son Chris

If anyone is interested in her instant gram website contact me personally and I will share it with you…

He is a graphic designer and she is also very creative, making children’s textile art objects for play and wear…I will probably use some of her ideas with her knowledge in the Nevada Union High School Art class back in Grass Valley with Special Ed next year to help her build up her client list.Son Chris

2 thoughts on “Back In Haarlem (After Amsterdam) Saturday June 11”

    1. Leigh
      Thank you so much for your kind words…it’s funny I feel so…strange doing this…a lot of spiritual growth happens inside and out.
      Peace and Love


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