Da Haag (That’s “The Hague” to You)

New update in Da Haag…

The Hague is known as the “International City of Peace and Justice” and it’s also the home of the internationally famous World Court.

Peace Palace

The Hague means “The Counts’ Hedge” so I guess this was at some point the lawn of a count. It’s a fairly big city, about the size of Sacramento, and it’s also the home of the Dutch government and a bunch of really cool museums, one of which has Vermeer’s famous painting, “Girl With a Pearl Earring.” I saw that with Eric and the kids at the Whitney De Young in San Francisco a few years ago.

girl with a pearl earring

Sunday afternoon…near the Grote and Chinatown…A “Grote” is the Dutch word for either a church or a market. Mostly it means market here, I think.


I stopped in the department store and put on Jo Malone cream and used the restroom (they are so hard to find here and when you do they sometimes are closed!)…plus you pay 50 Eros to use the restroom…

I’m spending Sunday evening at the Stay Okay Hostel, Room 317. It’s located at Scheepmakersstraat 27, 2515 VA Den Haag, in case you want to join me for coffee, bread, and cheese. That’s mostly what I have been eating here.


These hostels are OK. They are just a bed, really. But after walking all day long, I don’t care. I just want to sleep. With 50 other people snoring in the same room.

2 thoughts on “Da Haag (That’s “The Hague” to You)”

  1. I would have a very hard time sleeping with that many people in one room but I guess when your dead tired it’s a welcome opportunity.


    1. It was only one other girl for one night…not 50. Something got lost in translation…last night I got a room to myself which was great
      Thanks for reading my blog and responding.


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