Sunday June 12, 2016 The Hague

Today, I cheated and took the train to the Hague…humming the song…”sitting in a railroad station my ticket for my designation …(Paul Simon) to this big city. Did pass through the most beautiful countryside where the world’s most beautiful flower grows the “Tulip.” (By the way Haarlem is the “Tulip Capital. A historical center of tulip bulb growing district for centuries.)

The fields of Lisle and Hillegon…the place to see tulips in bloom. In May…not June.

Fields of Lisle and Hillegon

The Hague (Da Haag) is the government center of Europe. I am walking a lot here…population is about 500,000…

Walked to a bookstore and picked up some postcards and a city map so I would not repeat yesterday…the circle tour.

Did first stop at “STARBUCKS” to buy a cup of coffee and Dutch honey waffle cookies named “snoodles”(not sure on the spelling) It was a perfect Dutch treat. THE WEATHER SAID RAIN AT NOON BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED…

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