Friday June 17, 2016 – Domburg, Zeeland

Friday June 17th, on my way to Zeeland. Will let you know where I end up.


It’s Friday June 17th and I find myself in a castle named Geschiedenis “Kasteel Westhove”. From the 13th Century, Terrace Maria is the Vistor’s Center, next store to this place. A very impressive inchanting place with dreams of adventures moving me forward.Check it out, my home for the next few days

Started this morning with Italian roommates, an older woman who was taking care of a group of 20 young people to the city of Rotterdam. She seemed a bit tense (taking care of 20 young people on vacation will do that to you) and there was quite a bit of drama going on. Really, the hard part about staying in hostels is dealing with others people’s issues. The older woman was actually a very sweet teacher. I liked her, saw myself in her in similar ways.

I ate breakfast with map in hand to figure out my day. At first I was going to head southwest to the town of Hellevoetsluis, but after walking towards downtown and feeling the weight on my shoulders I decided the easy way out was to get on the train to Middelburg. An easy getaway from the big city, and a visit  to the water as well. Passed many bridges and was happy I was not crossing them on foot.

I rumbled through Zwijndrecht, Rilland-Buurt, and Roosendaal, and then a place called Bergen op Zoom with lush green grasses, horses, cows, sheep, and goats living out in the countryside. I was just loving the beauty of all of this and the feeling could become a new romantic love song.Feeling kind of lost here but magic appears

Very beautiful–it took twice the distance around about than the original idea, but that was OK. “Just be happy and enjoy the experience.” My words of strength this day. For at times I need to remember that it is the experience that teaches us.

Do you know what this means - Fietspad - Bike Path
Fietspad – Dutch for Bike Path. There are a lot of bikes in Holland.

I had a moment today when a woman from the Middelburg tourist information place asked me if I was really going to walk to the next town were the hostel was. Like 15 kilometers (About 9 miles, that’s all) was just too far to walk…I left her with a smile. Like “Yes, I can do this!” And then it started pouring down rain, so I actually did get on a bus.

A stranger was kind to me when I needed it. I am  very blessed and really not alone.

Got off the bus in Domburg after going through the towns of Oosterschelde. I will learn the history of the Deltawerken Museum which I plan to visit the day after tomorrow. That was one of the reasons I came this way. My notes I took before my trip to Holland said it was a impressive place. An awe inspiring project that was declared to be one of the seven Wonders of the World.

But that’s later…day after tomorrow…

When I arrived in this sweet little place downtown I got off the bus to find the Visitor’s Center and just when I was really to give up I turned and it turned up right next to me within a few feet. The beautiful young lady behind the counter was very nice helping me and called the hostel to see if they had room and sure enough  they did.

So I started my walk but felt I had to find a restroom. I quickly located a Museum and so I stopped there. Their kindness greeted me with a lovely cup of perfect coffee with little Dutch cookies. I felt so welcome in the midst of a strange new town…I sat in their patio outdoor garden and counted my blessings. I am very fortunate for everything I have in my life to teach me miracles of the everyday.

Afterwards, I made it over here to the hostel. I was just about to give after I saw my dream car the “Tesla” and turned around to see the sign for my modest hostel for the evening. Still walking into what felt like a park entrance, I was surprised to see what looked like a castle…thinking there no way I’m staying here for this price. But surprise, I am staying in…

Check it out, my home for the next few days

…a castle tonight! With a older gentleman from Worthing,  England. He’s been coming to hostels for fifty years with his family. Isn’t that cool!

Another day has come and gone and this day has taught me to trust and to follow my heart. For this my journey to authentic power and simply put to make the world a more beautiful place.

Thank you for joining me on this trip…I did add a flower to my portfolio designs for my coloring book today. So now I am doing the flowers of Europe!


Janet Zeerijp

In Domburg this afternoon

It’s 10 p.m. and I feel I need to get to sleep will have to turn the phone on silent for the night because it has been beeping late at night and last night a young person got weirded out because of it…teenagers…hostels….get it right… Hoping the “old” gentleman in the room has gone to sleep by the time I get up there…

I’m going to write about my day after I take a shower because no one’s in this room now.


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