Tuesday June 21, 2016 – Still in Bruges

The capital of West Flanders. It is distinguished by its canals, cobblestones streets and Medieval buildings. Horse drawn carriages, 17th century houses. I went out to find the Basilica of the Holy Blood…a Romantic Catholic Basilica 12th century. ..Court of Flanders…opened in 1157.This city is old...and young at the same time

Gothic architecture…very spiritual. The blood of Christ is preserved here…Wow.The details to these churches are incredible

I went into the small basement area and they had a altar where you could sit down and pray. I liked it and lit a candle for my mother whose spirit is with me.


I left the Basilica and bought my first Belgium beer in a “liquor  store” with just beer near by…bless me…and opened it right then and there and took a sip in honor of all. (The lady in the shop took my picture…I had never had a Belgium beer before!) Cheers. I left and walked around the corner to sit down on some marble stairs and drink a little bit more and watch people go by…

I had a hard time drinking it…the taste of hops is bitter to me…I did cap it at one point and decided I needed a cup of coffee, so I found a place. I sat inside and had coffee and a Chocolate Torte. There are so many “sugar” sweets in this village…I feel like I’ve had more than I’ve eaten all year. I even had chocolate on my morning toast…only because I’m in Belgium.They got the Swans...cool.jpeg

After having coffee and more chocolate I made my way back to the hostel. I stopped on the street to watch people go by and to finish what was left of my beer, that I spilled on myself…I am not a graceful drinker.Baked Goods always look so fresh and tempting

After resting a bit I decided I wanted to be part of “World Yoga Day” so i found the local happening and headed out with my map in tow….it turned out to be a Brewery and it was closed.

So I stopped at a small restaurant and ordered a Limoncello, delicious…to celebrate the first day of summer ….it was all so ideal for this gratified day.

I walked back to the hostel after getting a bit turned around but it was fine…I was getting into all the stylistic fonts on all the colorful windows and signs.

I slept well…

I checked my email when I got back and realized that World Yoga Day  was not starting till 9a.m. Pacific time…O well…. I tried…


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