Thursday June 23 – Ghent, Belgium

Well, I was the first to wake up in my room at the hostel so I just headed downstairs  to caught up on writing my journey.

Outside the city awakes with street cleaners and many church bells ringing. 1970s music fills the air.This town is simply amazing

Breakfast is simple with coffee and a delicate coffee apple cake–very nice!

The weather outside is dark and gray then first sprinkles then a fury of heavy down pour of rain then you could hear the thunder and the sky broke open with very loud cracking lightning…what a greeting to this day! Just glad I am safe inside. Will go out and find a vegetarian restaurant today. Gent has the most vegetarian restaurants in Europe for this population. Cool.

This young girl around the room said yesterday was their summer…that only in Belgium  do we get one day…

Then these young men sit down next to me and start telling “Jesus” jokes…speaking a version of English…but not the American …Maybe Irish? English from England?Love "Starbucks"

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