Tuesday June 28th – Brussels, Belgium

It looked nice this morning here in the gorgeous city of Brussels, home of the EU. I kept my rain coat out just in case…it turned out to be exceedingly pleasant.The sun finally came out...good day

I decided I was going to check out this city garden from a past World’s Exposition so I started to walk towards the east side of city center after stopping for coffee and a brie, walnut, and honey bread roll.The age and strength is magnificent  to see in all of these buildings, which were made to last

I made my way over to the park. It seems a bit out of place, wrapped around a modern city, yet the park had aged gracefully through the years. It is a grand reflection of a younger city. This place is filled with statues.Saw the neatest thing yesterday here next to these statues  a young girl was dress just like them posing with tourtist...it was so cool she had the period dress down and the colors

I also stopped by a beautiful Cathedral yesterday morning.

I am not too far from the Metro where the bombing was, Maalbeek metro station in Brussels…how sad.Just another beautiful  street scene in Europe...Brussels

I did get to visit the Art Nouveau Museum which turned out to be very beautiful in design, in architecture, not to mention the fantastic collection of art wonders it contained. Such a graceful statement.The Art Nouveau style is very strong here. Will go to a Museum tomorrow

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