Saturday July 2 – Arras and Amiens, France


I’ll give you a little bit of the story: One hundred years ago in June and July of 1916 this general area near Amiens was the scene of one of the bloodiest, most brutal battles of WWI. It is called the Somme, and close to a million men were killed in the Battle of the Somme during those two months. With the help of 20 different nations thousands of men (and some women) came together to fight for freedom from Germany.

July 2nd in Arras. A lot of WW1 sites. The Somme and the 100th year anniversary
July 2 in Arras. A lot of WWI sites. The Somme and the 100th year Anniversary.

In 1918 Amiens’ greatest threat was from the Germans. It survived the conflict along with its many works of art and furnishings that were evacuated and then later returned after the war.

Saying good-bye to this town of Amiens
Saying Goodbye to the town of Amiens
The  vastest building cathedral  in France The Notre-Dame from 1220-1288.  The tallest nave of the country and is twice listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site
Notre Dame, the vastest cathedral in France (1220-1288). The tallest nave in the country. Twice listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Notre-Dame  CathedralI checked into my hotel in Amiens, had a nice dinner, and then went to bed.My French dinner on the road

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