Wednesday July 6th – Paris, France

My mission for today was to visit Le Jardin du Luxembourg.


I left after breakfast because I had another appointment to finish my pedicure.

Afterwards I felt that the entire pedicure was overrated; the girl never did massage my feet, and to me that was the most important part of the entire process. It was not worth the price of 49 Euros.

Anyway, I don’ t like to complain. The girl was sweet in her French way. Afterwards, I left and continued on up the street. I found a bakery and had an espresso with some bread.

Then I visited a shop to find a Paris hat for the wedding in August; Maéva had recommended this place. The shop was called Chromatic Bis, located at 92 rue Mouffetard. At first when I walked in nothing excited me in simple elegant looks. Then the owner, an extremely nice lady, started to help me and yes, I found the perfect hat in shape and color, handmade in France. It was just what I wanted so I bought one in gray and gave her my business card so she could follow me on this blog. I took her picture wearing a dark rosy pink-colored hat (same style as the one I purchased).



I then moved on, happy with my new hat.


I walked up to the post office and mailed some postcards to friends back in the United States. I had stamps from Belgium and The Netherlands on the cartes postales but quickly realized that they wouldn’t work now here in France.

So I bought the right stamps and added them to the cards. I picked up a few more stamps while I was at it. I then walked to the top of a nearby hill to a place called The Place du Panthéon. It was incredibly large, huge in fact.


I walked around a bit and then made my way into a little market to pick up some lunch for a picnic. I got some blueberries, yogurt, and water, perfect for an outdoor lunch.



When I was checking out I noticed a candy bar that Emerson had asked me to bring back from France (Kinder Maxi). Normally, I would not buy anything with sugar, but it was exactly what he asked for and he never asks for much.

I saw so many families with small children on this journey. It fills me with gratitude knowing there is a loving generation in good hands, for our future world.20160706_040634

I found my way to the Jardin and once again was thrilled by the luxuriant beauty.



I strolled around and stumbled upon an incredible overlook. I sat on a garden chair near the pond and gardens, a perfect place for a picnic.


The sun was warm, the ingredients for a lovely day.


Afterwards, I left and found myself on a busy street looking for a bookstore that Maéva had recommended. I finally found it, the Gilbert bookstore, and it was four stories high and overflowing with lots of books. I felt I was in paradise the most perfect place. I sought out the children’s book section in the basement and then I found the most perfect books.

I stopped for coffee then headed back to the apartment to get ready for a birthday dinner with Jean-Marie and Maéva.


At around 4pm Maéva sent me a message asking me to meet them at the restaurant for dinner. She sent me two addresses. While writing them down, Eric called and threw me off track. Without realizing it I wrote down the street bus directions as the directions for the underground Metro. Oops.

Well, to make a long story short I ended getting off at the wrong Metro stop and I was totally turned around. Before I left the apartment Eric recommended I take a taxi. Thinking back on this maybe I should have taken his recommendation. I got lost after I left the Metro. After about an hour Jean-Marie finally found me near a store called Malone.


Then we had a beautiful dinner at a restaurant called Nanashi, Le Bento Parisien. The cuisine was French Asian fusion, and it was delicious. Dinner was wonderful; everyone was happy and joy filled the air. Oh, so lovely!


I haven’t made it to the Musee Picasso yet…maybe on Sunday. I really need to rest my sore ankle for a day. Jean-Marie ‘s mother is a nurse and advised me to stay off my ankle for a few days. I walked 10.28 miles (16.5 km) today.

Maéva and I said good-bye to Jean-Marie and his best friend from childhood and took the Metro back to the apartment. We had a cup of tea and then retired for the night.

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