Monday July 11th – Paris – Heading Home

I awoke to overcast gray fluffy clouds in the morning sky. Showered, dressed, and finished  packing. I said goodbye to Jean-Marie who took such good care of me during my stay in Paris. I was actually speechless. blessed by the kindness they showed me.

I had toast one last time with the lovely lavender honey and a fresh cup of coffee. I visited with Marie and then said goodbye to the two cats, Pepper and Chouquette, a Persian cat. (Chouquette is like dark-sweet chocolate). I once had a Blue-Russian Persian cat many years ago named Perrier.

Before I left I did plant the basil plant from the market on the balcony as I had promised Jean-Marie that I would do that for him.

Marie rode the Metro with me to make sure I got on the right train to take me to the airport. Her kindness was unbelievable, her wisdom and grace will be an example to me, to be more like that.

She gave me her address and phone number so I could text her when I got to the Charles de Gaulle airport. I did find my way there without any trouble. The worst part of flying, as we all know, is the long lines you have to go through in order to check in. I’m all for safety. Afterwards, I ate a wonderful fresh lunch and waited for my flight to take me back home.


Eleven hours later…

San Francisco, California.

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