Wednesday June 22, 2016 – Ghent, Belgium

A morning that greeted me with sunshine…yes, a walking day. I repacked my 15-pound backpack and ate a good breakfast without sugar. I then checked out my maps and decided on a route towards Gent (or Ghent, it’s spelled both ways)…a walking path.Distance to and from...headed to Gent

The young man in charge of checking people out of the hostel told me that a better route would be to follow the canal. This turned out to be an excellent suggestion because it was straightforward…and a better walk than walking near traffic. It was also a bike route…quiet and very pleasant to walk…under bridges, over bridges, around bridges.The trail in front of me

There is a lot  of water to avoid stepping into…some of it looks black in little creeks next to the canals, but I don’t really understand why…and the history of WWII is never far from your mind.The countryside

I passed many old bunkers, concrete blocks, huge grotesque reminders of war. The day turned out to be quite humid and I was sweating a lot.  By noon I stopped  in this little village and ordered some bread and cheese at a deli. The young lady made me a cheese sandwich with all the works…lettuce, hard boiled egg, tomato slices, and lettuce with lots of mayonnaise on a baguette. For only 4 Euros, too! It tasted grand. It was absolutely the perfect Belgian lunch. I sat down near an old Church and just rested and enjoyed the traffic of people on bikes and cars.Relics of history

Then I moved on…..the countryside was very lovely and in the distance you could see fast-moving trains and cars on some sort of highway.

The sky cover would come and go…turning into a hot summer day. By 3:00 I found myself resting on the ground under a tree…with lots of ants keeping me company! Many people on bikes, both young and old. I seem to be drinking up my water supply faster than normally, but I want to stay hydrated, especially when walking so much.

My phone was feeling very warm, almost hot, so I turned it off to let it cool down. Of course, this meant that I could not take anymore pictures…strange.

I realized later that it was because of my battery  being so low. After walking til 4:00 pm  I decided it was time to get on the train to avoid issues with the industry on the outskirts of town. Besides I had just walked about 8 miles…and this heat was making me very tired. I found a train station after asking for directions. This little village I had wandered into seemed empty…very strange. The shops were closed as if it were a holiday in the states. The Europeans seem to take bank holidays at the slightest prompting.Horse carriages

Finally, at what felt like a local bar…a kind lady behind the corner gave me some water and a bite of smoked halibut–very pleasant and sweet! She told me that the train station was straight ahead, over the bridge to my left. I found it after walking another mile or so (2 kilometers). The train station reminded me of some old war movie, with young soldiers saying goodbye to loved ones. You get the picture, right?

Anyway, I sat down and waited when this super fast train rolled into the station but did not stop! It scared me because of how fast  it was going, and it was so close as to be disturbing…I hung on to the seat at the train station very tightly, wondering if even that was safe! It was all very strange…then after waiting for at least 45 minutes the train finally made pulled up to a stop at the station.

I then very quickly arrived in Gent just a few short minutes later. I stopped at an “Einstein  Coffee Shop” which sounded familiar–I’m thinking maybe somewhere in Arizona? Anyway, my battery was very low so I ordered coffee and recharged my phone. I then found a hostel for the next few days in the City Centre of Ghent called “Uppelink.”Everything is served with such class

The reviews sold me on this place. It’s situated next to the river and has a striking old character about it. The hostel is very clean, I must say, maybe even the best hostel ever! It’s in an amazing location in the heart of Gent, populated with just really nice folks. I love the address also: St-Michielsplein 21.

I checked in so I could deposit my backpack and then went out for a walk around to find some dinner. I found a market and picked up a healthy salad along with some Gouda cheese and Wasa crackers.Old art grace the city streets

I sat down next to the river and ate a lovely dinner watching the young people all around me and in kayaks on the river. Afterwards I sat in the lounge and was checking my email while waiting for the soccer game (“football”) to start. It did and the place got loud so I went to bed. I am not sure who won or what happened.

Again…another splendid wonderful day. It’s about 8:00 pm and I am thinking of going to bed early because it has been rainy all afternoon. I just came back from being soaked in the rain, and I am not sure about the weather for tomorrow either. I may have to resign myself to walking some more in the rain…or perhaps take the train into Antwerp, Belgium.

It’s not the rain so much, but the lightning and thunder that concerns me.




Tuesday June 21, 2016 – Still in Bruges

The capital of West Flanders. It is distinguished by its canals, cobblestones streets and Medieval buildings. Horse drawn carriages, 17th century houses. I went out to find the Basilica of the Holy Blood…a Romantic Catholic Basilica 12th century. ..Court of Flanders…opened in 1157.This city is old...and young at the same time

Gothic architecture…very spiritual. The blood of Christ is preserved here…Wow.The details to these churches are incredible

I went into the small basement area and they had a altar where you could sit down and pray. I liked it and lit a candle for my mother whose spirit is with me.


I left the Basilica and bought my first Belgium beer in a “liquor  store” with just beer near by…bless me…and opened it right then and there and took a sip in honor of all. (The lady in the shop took my picture…I had never had a Belgium beer before!) Cheers. I left and walked around the corner to sit down on some marble stairs and drink a little bit more and watch people go by…

I had a hard time drinking it…the taste of hops is bitter to me…I did cap it at one point and decided I needed a cup of coffee, so I found a place. I sat inside and had coffee and a Chocolate Torte. There are so many “sugar” sweets in this village…I feel like I’ve had more than I’ve eaten all year. I even had chocolate on my morning toast…only because I’m in Belgium.They got the

After having coffee and more chocolate I made my way back to the hostel. I stopped on the street to watch people go by and to finish what was left of my beer, that I spilled on myself…I am not a graceful drinker.Baked Goods always look so fresh and tempting

After resting a bit I decided I wanted to be part of “World Yoga Day” so i found the local happening and headed out with my map in tow….it turned out to be a Brewery and it was closed.

So I stopped at a small restaurant and ordered a Limoncello, delicious…to celebrate the first day of summer ….it was all so ideal for this gratified day.

I walked back to the hostel after getting a bit turned around but it was fine…I was getting into all the stylistic fonts on all the colorful windows and signs.

I slept well…

I checked my email when I got back and realized that World Yoga Day  was not starting till 9a.m. Pacific time…O well…. I tried…


Monday June 20, 2016 – Bruges, Belgium

I made it to Bruges in Belgium after walking 16 miles yesterday. The weather has been heavy today…it rains out here almost every afternoon in the summer. I made it to a hostel called Snuffel. Tomorrow I plan to walk around this city and play tourist. I plan to go out tomorrow evening and have a Belgium  Beer.My first Belgian beer.jpeg

This is a very old city…a canal trip is in order…there are churches everywhere.Another magnificent church

I had a Belgium beer today and lots of chocolate and saw the Blood at the Church of the Holy Blood. It is said to have a cloth that has the blood of Christ.

Bruges: A ancient city with many churches…and canals. I walked around and felt like I could easily get lost…very busy with tourists. Belgium chocolate and beer are sold everywhere. The big thing here right now is the European soccer match and Belgium is doing very well. I stopped at a small cafe for some hot tomato soup…made by this single woman in her small shop. Soup and pannetti sandwiches are on the menu.

I ordered hot “Tomaat Soep” with brood, fruit, and garnituur.Happy first day of Summer

It was perfect for the overcast afternoon. I met two young ladies from Arizona and San Diego, California sitting next to me…I listened to them for a very long time before I asked them where they were from. Allison and Antonia were traveling Europe after a conference. They were so charming in their wonderful tourist ways. We shared stories and wished each other’s adventures well. They said they would follow my blog…sweet! I shared with them the information about my up-and-coming coloring book and showed them pictures. Then they went into a shop to get some Belgium chocolate before their train trip back to Paris.Chocolate  is everywhere

I believe that Bruges is my halfway point on this great adventure. There are so many swans here, and they are so many and graceful

After leaving the café I checked into the hostel and rested. (There are a few roommates but they are OK, one student from Singapore,  the other from Australia…young world travelers.)

The beer place that was recommended to me is called “The Trappiste” and it is located in a cellar. After looking for it and finding it I decided that sitting in a bar was not my thing so I bypassed it. I decided I needed to talk to Emerson and Iris and learn more about Belgium beers so I could understand what makes a good beer…I am really only a wine drinker along with coffee, green tea, and water.

After this long day I decided to call it a day and found myself in bed by 9:00 p.m.

—-internal thoughts…

The journal within…Traveling into life is traveling into the soul.

When you change the story in your mind, you change your life

Words of Buddha…

The most far reaching travel happens when you don’t leave your house.

Go out far, to be near.

Sunday June 19, 2016 – Vlissingen, Zeeland

Sunday evening I stayed in a lovely place (guest room) in the home of a retired lawyer. He was a maritime historian named Hans whom I met in the town of Vlissingen…The town of Vlissingen, Zeeland.jpeg

…after walking about sixteen miles.It all turns out very good to achieve an goal-a 16 mile day

He drove me to the town of  Westkappele…the same spot where the ferry would have dropped me off.

The next town 8 kilometers from where I started this day

He kindly gave me a place to spend the night and in the morning served me a beautiful breakfast of fresh juice, eggs and cheese, and blueberries.

Breakfast  Sunday morning

It was very good! He then gave me a sightseeing tour of the area since he was born and raised here and has lived here all his life. I just loved all the historical facts of the region. The countryside was so beautiful and splendid.

Hans showed me the sites of the seashore and the nearby wealthy resorts.

Then I entered into Belgium, and the red bricks turned into cobblestones.The cobblestones of Belgium.jpeg

I made my way into Bruges  and to the hostel. I called early to check in so I could put my backpack into a locker. I said my goodbye to Hans and thanked him for his hospitality and kindness, for my new acquaintance on this journey.

Today is my second birthday. It’s a long story, but basically we always celebrated my birthday when I was growing up in Traverse City on June 19. When I turned 16 I went to get my driver’s license, which required a birth certificate. I got the birth certificate at the hospital, but told them that the date was wrong. “I was born on June 19!” I said.

“No, honey, this is your birth certificate. You were born on June 10!”

So ever since I celebrate TWO birthdays.Expresso anyone?


Saturday June 18, 2016 – Middelburg, Zeeland

It’s 6:30 p.m. and I just got back from a super long walk down the beach.  I then headed to the 7th wonder of the world this day, a Museum on how the Dutch manage to hold back the water . I could not find the entrance to the museum–I was on a busy street–so I took the bus back to the castle where I am staying. It was an incredible sight to see and I will write all about it.

I’m in the castle. I woke up in a ” Castle Westhove.” A little bit about the history…just outside a small village on the Noodzee (that’s the “North Sea” to you).The castle were I spent two nights in Domburg.

This marvelous castle is not far from Domburg. (The largest nearby town is Middelburg, Zeeland, to give you an idea of where I am.) This castle was first mentioned in papers such as a land deed called a Certificate of Count Floris V. The town government (called “the Abbey”) has owned this incredible place since the 12th Century.Inside looking out

The castle managed to make it through numerous wars, such as the Eighty Years War (also known as the Dutch War of Independence, 1568–1648). By 1750 the Reygersbergs family assumed ownership of the castle. The grounds grew and included a park and garden. A weather vane of a heron was installed and is still on one of the towers.

In the with Century the castle was expanded by the Van De Perrys (Dutch). They added on an orangery/stable which is now the museum next door, called the “Terrace Maris.”Another view from the castle

Also, at one point this place was a place where ill children could go to recover and receive proper care. That is, until World War II when the Germans moved in and the castle apparently became a popular target for bombings. There was a ammunition  depot nearby in the woods. The castle was damaged yet it retained its shape and was later restored. Now it is quite splendid. The grounds around here are gorgeous and you can walk to the beach (like I did). It was simply wonderful. Very lovely…a enchanting castle, honestly, very much like a fairy tale.Another view of the castle.

Since 1oi5 the castle has been part of the Dutch Youth Hostel Association. This castle is taken care by the youth hostel management Stayokay (Staatsbosbeheer, or nature preservation society) and Terrace Maris.

A note: There is a tree here that is 300-years-old that was planted at the beginning of the 18th century, making it one of the oldest trees in Zeeland. It’s called a Linde tree.

Staying in a hostel means you get to meet all the other temporary inhabitants, and I met this older gentleman who rode his bike from the south of England, a town called (I believe he said…) Warner. He told me about a circuit path from Florence, Italy to the Scandanavian countryside, somewhere near the country of Sweden.

Today I walked the beachThe beach is called the Strand

and the dyke towards a town called Westkapelle with a WWII museum…after about 4 miles (5 kilometres).In this picture you can get a sense  of how high the  dyke is from the land on your left

I turned back because the sky was getting pretty dark and the wind was incredibly  strong. I just needed to feel safe…I decided to make my way to the town.Walking the Dyke

What a lovely placeI need to visit the Watersnoodrmuseum, which is the one that has the complete history of the dyke and the 7th wonder of the world. It deals with the management of holding  back the sea. To get there I had to take a bus. Finally, after waiting for a long time (this is why I walk) I managed to board the bus, totally trying to explain to the driver where I wanted to go. He was so polite and kind…at the end of the line he once again reached out to direct me to the right stop to get where I wanted to go. It’s people like him that make this journey a pretty amazing adventure.

At the transfer station I decided I needed to get a hot cup of coffee. I felt like I was sleep walking at that point. So I stepped into a Cafe called “STOOM,” located right next to the train station in the town of Middelburg. There I was to transfer  to Bus #133. I ordered a cup of coffee from an intelligent young Dutch gentleman (a student) who kindly asked me where I was from. (I’m sure that the “lost tourist look” gave me away). Anyway I told him, “California.” His eyes lit up with excitement on this cloudy cold Netherlands  afternoon. Everyone around the world loves California, it seems.  His name is Mhrtijm and he is studying World Economics. (His name sounds nothing like the pronunciation of the letters…only one vowel, the letter “i.”) The Dutch language is hard…sometimes they use double vowels, and at other times no vowels.

Anyway he offered  me a ride (sweet) but my adventure on this day was solo and I need to walk. I gave him my card so he could follow my journey.

Once on the go, I made it to the bridge of the water delta and across a structure of steel doors. The locks to hold the sea back, the 7th wonder of the world.I got off the bridge to go to the museum, finally. I walked down the stairs, under the road, and to a metal gate that was locked.

Great Scott! I really blew this one…nowhere to go but to turn back at this point. I waited for about an hour until 5:00 p.m. and then made my way back to Domburg. I was so tired at this point.

I ate some herring with crackers and cheese. I showered and talked to my children, lovely Iris at Sanford (earning her PhD) and my favorite son, Emerson, who is finishing his Journalism degree at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

I closed my eyes and promptly fell asleep for the night. I know it was early but, trust me, it was definitely needed.

Friday June 17, 2016 – Domburg, Zeeland

Friday June 17th, on my way to Zeeland. Will let you know where I end up.


It’s Friday June 17th and I find myself in a castle named Geschiedenis “Kasteel Westhove”. From the 13th Century, Terrace Maria is the Vistor’s Center, next store to this place. A very impressive inchanting place with dreams of adventures moving me forward.Check it out, my home for the next few days

Started this morning with Italian roommates, an older woman who was taking care of a group of 20 young people to the city of Rotterdam. She seemed a bit tense (taking care of 20 young people on vacation will do that to you) and there was quite a bit of drama going on. Really, the hard part about staying in hostels is dealing with others people’s issues. The older woman was actually a very sweet teacher. I liked her, saw myself in her in similar ways.

I ate breakfast with map in hand to figure out my day. At first I was going to head southwest to the town of Hellevoetsluis, but after walking towards downtown and feeling the weight on my shoulders I decided the easy way out was to get on the train to Middelburg. An easy getaway from the big city, and a visit  to the water as well. Passed many bridges and was happy I was not crossing them on foot.

I rumbled through Zwijndrecht, Rilland-Buurt, and Roosendaal, and then a place called Bergen op Zoom with lush green grasses, horses, cows, sheep, and goats living out in the countryside. I was just loving the beauty of all of this and the feeling could become a new romantic love song.Feeling kind of lost here but magic appears

Very beautiful–it took twice the distance around about than the original idea, but that was OK. “Just be happy and enjoy the experience.” My words of strength this day. For at times I need to remember that it is the experience that teaches us.

Do you know what this means - Fietspad - Bike Path
Fietspad – Dutch for Bike Path. There are a lot of bikes in Holland.

I had a moment today when a woman from the Middelburg tourist information place asked me if I was really going to walk to the next town were the hostel was. Like 15 kilometers (About 9 miles, that’s all) was just too far to walk…I left her with a smile. Like “Yes, I can do this!” And then it started pouring down rain, so I actually did get on a bus.

A stranger was kind to me when I needed it. I am  very blessed and really not alone.

Got off the bus in Domburg after going through the towns of Oosterschelde. I will learn the history of the Deltawerken Museum which I plan to visit the day after tomorrow. That was one of the reasons I came this way. My notes I took before my trip to Holland said it was a impressive place. An awe inspiring project that was declared to be one of the seven Wonders of the World.

But that’s later…day after tomorrow…

When I arrived in this sweet little place downtown I got off the bus to find the Visitor’s Center and just when I was really to give up I turned and it turned up right next to me within a few feet. The beautiful young lady behind the counter was very nice helping me and called the hostel to see if they had room and sure enough  they did.

So I started my walk but felt I had to find a restroom. I quickly located a Museum and so I stopped there. Their kindness greeted me with a lovely cup of perfect coffee with little Dutch cookies. I felt so welcome in the midst of a strange new town…I sat in their patio outdoor garden and counted my blessings. I am very fortunate for everything I have in my life to teach me miracles of the everyday.

Afterwards, I made it over here to the hostel. I was just about to give after I saw my dream car the “Tesla” and turned around to see the sign for my modest hostel for the evening. Still walking into what felt like a park entrance, I was surprised to see what looked like a castle…thinking there no way I’m staying here for this price. But surprise, I am staying in…

Check it out, my home for the next few days

…a castle tonight! With a older gentleman from Worthing,  England. He’s been coming to hostels for fifty years with his family. Isn’t that cool!

Another day has come and gone and this day has taught me to trust and to follow my heart. For this my journey to authentic power and simply put to make the world a more beautiful place.

Thank you for joining me on this trip…I did add a flower to my portfolio designs for my coloring book today. So now I am doing the flowers of Europe!


Janet Zeerijp

In Domburg this afternoon

It’s 10 p.m. and I feel I need to get to sleep will have to turn the phone on silent for the night because it has been beeping late at night and last night a young person got weirded out because of it…teenagers…hostels….get it right… Hoping the “old” gentleman in the room has gone to sleep by the time I get up there…

I’m going to write about my day after I take a shower because no one’s in this room now.


Thursday June 16, 2016 – Still in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Thursday June 16, 2016

Sitting here eating dinner of cheese chocolate tea and some type of rice cake cracker

I find myself in the “City of Design” and I say that filled with such awe of all the architecture beauty that surrounds me, it leaves me breathless.The City of Design

All in a great way, I am being happy and just enjoying the experience of all that is around me. I am in this strange land that is simply incredible because it is mostly water, separated by little bits of land. It’s a lot like Louisiana in that way. I think I am so amazed because I come from a state experiencing a history-making 5- year drought. The lack of water is just devastating and sad back home in California…here it is everywhere, even where it is not invited. Many praises  to the Dutch for having the intelligence to work with something that can be a problem and turning a bad into something good.

After breakfast I took the water bus  (a commute boat) to the “Kinderdijk Windmills”…Preservation  at its finest

…the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here there are 19 perfectly preserved Windmills from the 18th Century.Holding back the water

It was a carefree fun day exploring  the history of keeping back the water. I managed to walk 6 miles. I met only other kind souls who were on their own life adventures, like the Dutch woman behind the corner at the Visitor’s Center . We spoke of the importance of being strong and being adventurous and setting an example for others.A beautiful bridge

Additionally I met three other English-speaking travelers, two of whom hailed from Connecticut to visit their friend who lives here. He was kind enough to give me a cheese knife to slice cheese, like the cheese I bought from a local farmer just outside the Heritage Site. It was made the traditional vegetarian organic way.Lots of cheese sheep and cow

This farm genuinely cares about the quality of its cheese, and they make sure that animals roam free to walk outside. A big yes! The farm is called BioKaas Kinderdijk. Isn’t it just like me to find the very local spin? Also, the cheese at BioKaas Kinderdijk has no E-numbers…Whatever that means…something Dutch. (It means that they don’t use additives.)Great place for Dutch cheese

I found a little bag of pot on the sidewalk this morning walking to the water bus…left it there. Don’t want to get in trouble…

Feel like there are a lot  worldwide tourists  here. Rotterdam, is after all, the second largest city in the country.Such interesting architectural  designs


I met a very nice lady behind the counter at the Visitor’s Center. …she mentioned I should go to Antwerp instead of Brussels.  She said it was very beautiful and a better city…I am going to take her up on that…on my way back from Middelburg, Zeeland. Then from there I will head on into Belgium.

I took a little boat tour in the water at the site, but really could have done without that…I walked all of it and saw what was really important.

Came back and decided  to find a marker and maybe get some herring since yesterday was the start of a new season and the selling of this year’s catch. I came back to my hostel home to re-dress, take off the extra coats, and just keep the rain coat because of what happened yesterday getting so, so wet. THANK GOD because it was sprinkling  when I went across the street. (Mind you, this is not your average street…there’s a walkway for walkers, a bike lane for bicycles,  and let’s not forget the speeding drivers. It can be crazy, to say the least.)The half circle is the food market...fine  fun food and supplies.

Well I found the market and it is hidden in a basement…but not like anything you have every seen…check out the pictures. It has its own postcard, too. Quite, the experience. It also had a variety of the best of the best of great food stands and restaurants. The place is called Market Hall Rotterdam .It's so amazing

Will walk over there tomorrow and ask…a stone’s throw from here. I walked around and checked it out–totally impressive. The most luxurious  of the best. After picking up an apple, Maiswafel amarant crackers, and dark 85% fine bitter front German chocolate, I felt rich!

I decided I needed a bag so I walked into a store called “Habitas” to buy a little orange plastic bag to protect my treasures. The young ladies behind the counter were cute and a delight to talk with. The conversation turned to my walk from Amsterdam to Paris and my words and story was part of something greater than ourselves. The best part of that conversation was how beautiful Rotterdam  is, a place of rebirth moving forward for all this world to be a part of. We said our farewells.

I stopped for some green tea with lemon. Perfect. I went to the door to leave and it was pouring down rain like yesterday afternoon. So I stopped to write down the music I was happily listening too. I was in front of a place called Terras 21Tapas Bar. The music was hot, it made me just want to dance. They played remakes of old songs from the 60’s…for example, they played an old hit, “I Got You Babe,” by Sonny and Cher…except that it was done with a disco  beat…it was great! There were lots of other tunes to make you happy and feel like dancing.

Finally, I gave up watching the rain…The rain

…so I finally decided to just pull up my raincoat hood, walk fast, and get back over here to my warm little hostel where I sat down to eat and write.

Peace and be strong.

ZeerijpJust me...

June 15th 2016 – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam, Netherlands, Wednesday June 15th 2016

Started my walk this morning, I was trying to follow the waterway canal: Rotterdamsewey. But I felt my back was hurting so I took the train…8 miles (13 kilometers ) into this modern high tech creative arty place…so much water everywhere. Even on the train I notice there were places I would have run into dead ends. The issue is controlling it…this country is pretty much below sea level. The day after tomorrow I am headed to the best museum around for the science and technology of keeping the sea back, under control. There is a state department agency here for “Water Control.”

Arrived and stopped for a bit to take a deep breath at the size of this place, everything was huge…the skyrises…the flat screens to show the “security” of the place…police on water control, police on horseback.

I had a map and talked to the good folks at the visitor’s center to ask for help to find this hostel called The Cube Houses (famous for its modern design). I walked over here…always a trick when you’re not sure where you are. A true test of strength. There is a district here called “The Cool District”–sounds like fun!Glass and Steel

Some of the history of Rotterdam (besides the ones you might suspect, those of keeping back the water, as the name “Rotterdam” implies):Rotterdam

A dam was built to separate the Rotte from the Nieuwe Maas (river/waterway). This lovely place was almost completely destroyed by German air attacks in 1940. So sad, this thing called war. There is a great church called Saint Lawrence Church. It is all that is left of Rotterdam’s medieval WWII architecture. Maybe I’ll try to find that tomorrow (address: Grotekerkplein 15). WWII destroyed all the other buildings. This city was rebuilt after the war and re-planned with modern streets, residential districts, and high rises. This has created one of the most modern and architecturally interesting cities in Europe. I see “Dwell” magazine in all of this. Such a strong sense of design everywhere I turned today. This place does date back to medieval times from the 13th Century.

There is also a famous bridge outside my door this evening called The Erasmus (1467) named after the most celebrated citizen in the 15th century, a  Humanist named Erasmus.

Today I went to the “Museum Boijmans Van Beuninger one of the most important art establishments. It was in the museum park district.Stairway to Heaven

It is one of the oldest buildings in the general area so I guess I was in right place. It is known for its collection of Hubertus and Jan Van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, and Piet Bruegel the  Elder (14th and into the 16th century artists).Vase of Flowers

17th century artists such as Rembrandt, and Ruben. Included there were Monet, Gaugin, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Chagall. Plus many more…incredible.St. Teresa of Avila (Peter Paul Ruben 1612-1614)

The place where I’m staying tonight is known in history as “The Cube Houses” on the waterside of town.There was a strong push for architectural design so Dutch architect Piet Blom answered the call and created this place. Personally it’s too far out there for my taste.

Tomorrow I plan to take the water bus to “Kinderdijks Windmills” (the children’s dyke). On the River Noord: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1722-1761). They are the largest surviving concentration of windmills in the country.

Many blessings to all and thank you for being out there reading my words to help make this world a better place.

Hoping you received the complete painting of the “Dancer”…Just a beautiful way to end the day with grace.The dancer by Edgar Degas (1922)

Love to all that read this and may you have a soft dance to close your day.

June 14, 2016 – Delft

Made it the town of Delft and checked into a hostel sharing it with 8 others. It’s clean that’s all I care about.

Hostel Delft, Voldersgracht 17Hostel Delft

Tuesday…1 year ago today I criss-crossed the United States in my 15 States in 15 days journey…Michigan to California. 6-thousand miles…all by myself. Now that was quite the American adventure. Then when I got back Eric and I went up to Oregon and Washington State. That too was wonderful, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Now, here I am on this journey of my heart and soul. Loving it except maybe the heavy rain…like this morning.

After breakfast this morning checked out of the Hostel and when to the “Escher in Het Paleis” exhibit. I was totally taken away by the story of his life and his creative magical world.Escher in het Paleis

…nothing is as it seems in the work this world famous graphic artist creates; it lets your imagination run free…Ripples...EscherGrote Market, Delft (1939 ) woodcut

The story continues…Piet Mondrian is here too. I did send out ten postcards today (thanks hostel) and wrote out two more later in the day.

By the way, for all those beautiful people out there who have kindly helped me do this, you make me feel very blessed and loved.

This morning walking over to the exhibition I walked through this red brick courtyard with a water fountain trimmed in gold leaf (see the photo) and cobblestone grounds.A fountain painted in gold

There were guards manning the place and blue carpet rolled to make a clean path from side to side and door to door. Also, places for the press. Strange, I was unclear where I was…

Yesterday, I was on the back side near the garden pond with its water fountain waiting the opening of the Mauritshuis Museum. Guards, well-kept cars, strong steel metal road protectors that moved up and down…and very beautifully dressed men and women in their finest wears.

I thought for a moment I was in a James Bond movie (wrong country).

Well, today I asked the woman selling postcards on a cart in the square what was this place. She smiled and said,”(in her heavy Dutch accent) It’s Parliament”. Oh!The Parliament

Equal to our White House and Congress, in Washington D.C. I thought that was funny I was just walking around taking pictures and no one seemed to mind.

The art show was also in an old state palace and very romantic. The former palace of Queen Emma…afterwards I went back to the hostel to get my backpack and found my way to Delft. In the center of town is a very old looking church that people here call Neuse Kerk: The New Church/Nouvelle Eglise. The new church.You could have fooled me…also, they have another church nearby (that looks just as old) called The Oude Kerk Old Church/Ate Kirche. Old Church called Alte.

Stopped by an old doors cafe called Bagels and Beans…just like the bookstore yesterday. Lunch was a whole wheat bagel with a thick slice of feta cheese with honey poured on top of it with whole walnuts…I simply love the way food is presented here in the Netherlands. The rich dark coffee was very fresh, too. Umm…



Lunch on the streetUmm...

Sat there listening to the church bells…eating such lovely food to restore my strength. Took out a map and found the hostel, which was right around the corner. I am very blessed with a very strong sense of direction.

Found the address 17 Voldersgracht easy. A young lady was standing at the door and struck up a conversation with me and helped figure out if they had any beds for the night…Yes, but didn’t open till 16 hours (4pm). So, I sat down in a chair next door and everything was still wet from the morning rain. The store owner came and informed me I just couldn’t sit there, so I offered to buy a drink. That was perfect.

The young ladies name was Amy and she just finished her time working at this sweet cafe named “PLECK” a place to “eat and shop”. Looks beautiful…and done right. The owners name is Anita. Liked the soup sign in the window called: Courgette and Green peas. I was told to wait for the owner named Carola. She arrived and I checked in. All is well…

Wrote out two postcards then went out to explore the village o fDelft. This town is famous because it is the birthplace of the artist Vermeer (you know, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”).


Fell in love with tiny narrow house

Fact of the day: Gouda cheese is named for its shape; round (at least that is what a cheese shop woman told me) Is there another truth? It does come in different ages…like any high quality cheese. The older the better as far as I am concern.

By the way Amy is from Montreal, Canada. She found herself here by way of San Francisco. (She meet her friend in a hostel on Mason Street about a year ago and moved here with him.) Cool.

Well another day has passed and it has had its beauty. Thinking of everyone and wishing to you all that is good. Peace…Zeerijp. Towards the end of the day saw this quote on a Hills & Mills cafe window…”About Happiness “.




Such inspiration for life. Thank you- Hills& Mills—“Can a cafe be as much about happiness as it is about food and superb service. We believe a cafe has the ultimate potential to elevate and celebrate the human spirit. At Hills & Mills

People practice happiness and inspire others to do the same

Get Pure.

Get Right.

Get Together.

Perfect to end the day…