Zeeryp Goes to Zeerijp!

It’s my birthday 7:30 a.m. Netherlands time. Feels like it will be a great day. I am off to the town of syrup so maybe that’s why I was called “syrup” growing up.

When I text Eric using voice, the phone translated zeeryp into “syrup.” Now that is funny!

I spent the night in Groningen, which is very close to the town of Zeerijp, where my family back in Michigan is from.

I think it’s midnight back in California . My phone is still set for 11:42 p.m. California time. Looking forward to finding some hot Dutch coffee for breakfast maybe a Dutch Waffle too.

I am now in Zeerijp, Holland, which is the ancestral home of my family, the Zeeryps, who migrated to the United States several hundred years ago from The Netherlands. I think I am the first person from my family to visit here.locmap_ZEERIJP_6.5986667X53.23X6.9346667X53.47

As you can see from the map, Zeerijp is in the northeast corner of the Netherlands, which is mostly water.  My family name, Zeeryp, means literally “the sea is ripe.” It means that there are a lot of fish in the sea to be caught. Seafood is very popular here. Amsterdam is not shown on this map, but it would be in the bottom left corner if it were.

There are also lots of windmills up here.

Windmill in Zeerijp, Holland










And tulips, of course, which I love!

Tulips in Zeerijp, The Netherlands



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