Sunday June 19, 2016 – Vlissingen, Zeeland

Sunday evening I stayed in a lovely place (guest room) in the home of a retired lawyer. He was a maritime historian named Hans whom I met in the town of Vlissingen…The town of Vlissingen, Zeeland.jpeg

…after walking about sixteen miles.It all turns out very good to achieve an goal-a 16 mile day

He drove me to the town of  Westkappele…the same spot where the ferry would have dropped me off.

The next town 8 kilometers from where I started this day

He kindly gave me a place to spend the night and in the morning served me a beautiful breakfast of fresh juice, eggs and cheese, and blueberries.

Breakfast  Sunday morning

It was very good! He then gave me a sightseeing tour of the area since he was born and raised here and has lived here all his life. I just loved all the historical facts of the region. The countryside was so beautiful and splendid.

Hans showed me the sites of the seashore and the nearby wealthy resorts.

Then I entered into Belgium, and the red bricks turned into cobblestones.The cobblestones of Belgium.jpeg

I made my way into Bruges  and to the hostel. I called early to check in so I could put my backpack into a locker. I said my goodbye to Hans and thanked him for his hospitality and kindness, for my new acquaintance on this journey.

Today is my second birthday. It’s a long story, but basically we always celebrated my birthday when I was growing up in Traverse City on June 19. When I turned 16 I went to get my driver’s license, which required a birth certificate. I got the birth certificate at the hospital, but told them that the date was wrong. “I was born on June 19!” I said.

“No, honey, this is your birth certificate. You were born on June 10!”

So ever since I celebrate TWO birthdays.Expresso anyone?


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