Monday June 20, 2016 – Bruges, Belgium

I made it to Bruges in Belgium after walking 16 miles yesterday. The weather has been heavy today…it rains out here almost every afternoon in the summer. I made it to a hostel called Snuffel. Tomorrow I plan to walk around this city and play tourist. I plan to go out tomorrow evening and have a Belgium  Beer.My first Belgian beer.jpeg

This is a very old city…a canal trip is in order…there are churches everywhere.Another magnificent church

I had a Belgium beer today and lots of chocolate and saw the Blood at the Church of the Holy Blood. It is said to have a cloth that has the blood of Christ.

Bruges: A ancient city with many churches…and canals. I walked around and felt like I could easily get lost…very busy with tourists. Belgium chocolate and beer are sold everywhere. The big thing here right now is the European soccer match and Belgium is doing very well. I stopped at a small cafe for some hot tomato soup…made by this single woman in her small shop. Soup and pannetti sandwiches are on the menu.

I ordered hot “Tomaat Soep” with brood, fruit, and garnituur.Happy first day of Summer

It was perfect for the overcast afternoon. I met two young ladies from Arizona and San Diego, California sitting next to me…I listened to them for a very long time before I asked them where they were from. Allison and Antonia were traveling Europe after a conference. They were so charming in their wonderful tourist ways. We shared stories and wished each other’s adventures well. They said they would follow my blog…sweet! I shared with them the information about my up-and-coming coloring book and showed them pictures. Then they went into a shop to get some Belgium chocolate before their train trip back to Paris.Chocolate  is everywhere

I believe that Bruges is my halfway point on this great adventure. There are so many swans here, and they are so many and graceful

After leaving the café I checked into the hostel and rested. (There are a few roommates but they are OK, one student from Singapore,  the other from Australia…young world travelers.)

The beer place that was recommended to me is called “The Trappiste” and it is located in a cellar. After looking for it and finding it I decided that sitting in a bar was not my thing so I bypassed it. I decided I needed to talk to Emerson and Iris and learn more about Belgium beers so I could understand what makes a good beer…I am really only a wine drinker along with coffee, green tea, and water.

After this long day I decided to call it a day and found myself in bed by 9:00 p.m.

—-internal thoughts…

The journal within…Traveling into life is traveling into the soul.

When you change the story in your mind, you change your life

Words of Buddha…

The most far reaching travel happens when you don’t leave your house.

Go out far, to be near.

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