Sunday June 26th – Headed to Brussels

It is Sunday. June 26th and I am making my way south (11 miles) to a place called Fort Breendonk, which used to be a World War II Concentration Camp, situated in the middle of a moat. Fort Breendonk is near the town of Willebroek, a small village in Belgium. It was a Nazi prison camp during the German occupation of France during WWII.  It was built in 1906-1913 along an ancient highway that connects Brussels and Antwerp. 400-500 Jews and members of the Belgium resistance were held there. Fewer than 10% survived the war. It was known for its poor living conditions and torture. Most Jews who ended up here were sent to Eastern Europe–Auschwitz-Birkenau, in occupied Poland.

I am now in Brussels—what a beautiful place! I will try to make it to the Art Nouveau Museum tomorrow. I’m staying at the Hotel Brxxl 5 City Centre, Rue de Woeringen 5, 1000 Brussels.

I am thinking of finding a salad to eat. The rain today was cold and the thunder lasted a long time…so when I decided to just take the train to Brussels (instead of exposing myself to the cold wet lightning) the trains were running on the Sunday train schedule. It felt like a very long time before the train arrived at the station, and it was testing my patience.  I keep trying to remember to think in loving kindness…to all mankind, and womankind…. everyone Peace.

I finally made it to Brussels, despite the vague Sunday train schedule. I’m down to 22% power on my trusty phone right now, so I will let it charge at the hostel instead of taking it out with me.

I went out walking and came back after about 1 hour but my phone has only charged up to 24%. Evidently the hostel turns off the electricity when you’re not in the room. Hey, I got this place for a measly 20 Euros, so it’s a deal and I’m pretty happy living on the cheap. The room is still empty so I had better get my shower in before other guests arrive.

By the way, it’s a very pleasant 61-degrees Outdoors (only 16-degrees Centigrade or Celsius). Very nice after all the rain.

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